HIT is our anti-mosquito, fly, and cockroach insecticide. An effective and quick solution for insects in your house, HIT insecticide comes in several different fragrances to help reduce the insecticide smell after being used.


STELLA Air Freshener is made of carefully selected fragrances to give long-lasting freshness with an invigorating scent. The use of STELLA Air Freshener will help to create a pleasant atmosphere for you and your whole family.


FOGO is our line of air freshener especially made for wardrobes, drawers, and shelves. FOGO Air Freshener contains natural citronella to prevent moths and mildew from growing, and also comes in various scents for you to choose from.



WETTIES Wet Tissue is an alternative way to cleanse your hands. With moisturizer and containing Irgasan as an antibacterial, WETTIES Wet Tissue provides protection for children and adults.


MITU BABY is our brand for mild-and-reliable baby care products. Truly mild and especially created to help preserve baby's soft skin, MITU BABY will be the right partner to care for your little ones.


MITU Kids Wet Tissue is made of high quality material, extra thick, and very practical to be used during kid's daily activities. Enriched with Pro Vitamin B 5, moisturizer, and Irgasan (an anti bacterial agent), MITU KIDS Wet Tissue not only cleanses, but also provides protection for kids.



KLINPAK is our range of food wrapping and plastic products, which are made for convenience and easiness of use. Using KLINPAK food wrapping will help preserve the hygiene and freshness of the food.


WONDER FUEL Gas is our canned LPG, and created for convenience and portability. WONDER FUEL GAS is used on portable gas cooker, and suitable for outdoor and indoor activities. When it is cooking time, WONDER FUEL Gas will be your reliable cooking partner





SHOCK Drain Opener is a solution for clogged drainpipes. SHOCK Drain Opener will clear hair + grease from pipes without damaging them. Using SHOCK Drain Opener regularly will ensure no blocked sinks.


CARRERA Car Care is a complete car care product range using Germany technology. It is designed to not only cleanse but to protect + preserve the paint on your car.


CARRERA Motorcycle Care is developed to answer the needs for reliable products to give premium treatment for your motorcycle and its accessories. Using CARRERA Motorcycle Care products regularly will help preserve your motorcycle.


AUTOSOL Metal Polish is a special polish to be used for all kinds of metal (silver, brass, copper, chrome, aluminum, nickel, etc). Just apply AUTOSOL Metal Polish on clean cloth, rub the metal with it, and you will have a shiny, clean, and polished metal.


CAP GAJAH Rat and Fly Glue is a pest and insect trap to support your needs for an environment, free from pest and insect. CAP GAJAH Rat and Fly Glue come in several forms: stick, board, and paper, and adjusted to the natural habit of the pest and insect to ensure its effectiveness.



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